After talking with JP and what i can do to save the ECU he suggested that I only blew out the ground pin on the diag cable. Here is how you fix it. a wire from pin two "middle pin" of the diag cable to a external ground. I simply put this on the negative terminal of the battery.
There is a possibility of short circuit to ground. Check the injector and wiring. P1212: Injector Common 1 Malfunction : There is a possibility of open or short circuit to +B. Check the injector and wiring. P1214: Injector Common 2 Malfunction : There is a possibility of short circuit to ground. Check the injector and wiring. P1215: Injector ...
With the truck completely powered down I have a .25 amp draw on the battery that I have narrowed down to the ECU-B. If I pull the fuse to the ECU-B the draw drops to a more normal 10-20 milliamps and stays there when I put the fuse back in until I do something to trigger the ECU to "wake up", like open the door.
Ground Wires. Faulty wire grounds are a very common problem, but can sometimes be difficult to track down. Symptoms of a bad ground can range from a completely dead bike to electrical components working intermittently. Checking all of the grounds on your motorcycle can be done...
ECU has an emergency connection with the Greenville Water System for emergency water supply. ECU also provides wholesale drinking water to four water districts located in Pickens and Anderson Counties. ECU has a combination of ground level storage and elevated water storage totaling 15.5 million gallons.
How to check for a bad ECM/PCM HELP!!! Thanks so much for your post. I also revised my earlier post, for any reason 2 sentences got lost. SORRY It is the right oil, the 5W-20 and the oil pressure sensor was replaced twice.
Oct 04, 2013 · The P72 ecu is a very common and widely used unit for either chipped applications, or similar piggyback systems to control the electronic fuel injection in many late model Hondas and Acuras. It’s one of the more integral parts of a Honda motor swap, and like many other Honda parts is interchangeable to other vehicles that share a B16, B17, or ...
Inspect Contacts and Ground Connections. If you’ve gotten this far, your battery itself isn’t the problem. The next step is to perform a visual inspection of your battery contacts. Look for moisture, corrosion, dirt, or anything else that could be causing your car to receive low voltage. If you find anything, clean it thoroughly.
Can you double check the resource for this pinout clearifications?? some things are missing, something are wrong. I am cross checking with other ECU related information examples i figured so far: - above has duplicate information for pin nr. 18 (the first one mostly is correct for wheel sensor)
2. The ECU is attached to the firewall at the front of the passenger side footwell, behind the glove box. In the picture below, you can see the one thing that stands between you and glory. The scoop looking vent is all that blocks access to the ECU. The only fitting is the small panel retainer to the lower left.
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  • Dec 10, 2009 · ECU Resetting Procedures. Timing is extremely critical. If it is NOT DONE within the specify time, the ECU will not reset and the Check Engine Light (CEL) will continue to remain ON. Operations Procedures. 1. Confirm that accelerator pedal is fully released, turn ignition switch “ON” and wait 3 seconds. 2.
  • 2007 Honda Civic ECU Location ecu honda civic 2008 honda jazz ecu location 2016 Honda Accord ECU removal 1993 honda accord ecu location honda accord ecm location where is the location of a ECM in a 92 accord? 1994 honda accord ecu location 1993 honda civic ground locations 03 accord ecu location
  • The computer in your Mitsubishi Montero controls the air to fuel ratio and emissions control system. If there is something wrong with any of the various sensors on the Montero, the module, called an ECU, will generate a trouble code. You can get a free diagnostic scan at most auto parts stores. However, a more precise ...

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Each year, cars seem to get more and more complicated --cars today might use as many 50 microprocessors! Although they can make it more difficult for you to work on your own car, some microprocessors actually make your car easier to service.

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condition the ECU may see. For example, if an ECM senses 200°F coolant temperature, the instruction in the look-up table may tell it to turn on the cooling fan. For 125°F coolant temperature, the instruction may be to turn off the cooling fan. ECU Data Processing Analog signals are converted to digital signals before being processed by an ECU ...

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Pression 0: Check if fuel pump gets 12V, if not so replace the relay of the pump and then the main relay. If the pump gets 12 V check it's ground (a common fault) by laying a wire directly to the ground. If it still does nothing chances are good the pump is shot. Take it out and check it again on the bench.

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Tune-up intervals vary from one vehicle to another. Most older vehicles with non-electronic ignitions should be tuned every 10,000 to 12,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. Newer cars with electronic ignition and fuel injection systems are scheduled to go from 25,000 miles to as many as 100,000 miles without needing a major tune-up. […]

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ECU Online. ECU Online is a quick, convenient, free and secure way to have instant access to your ECU accounts via the Internet. Via ECU Online, you'll be able to take advantage of Account Access, Bill Pay, Online Statements and much more!

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It seems more and more third parties will do reflashes even for 2001's. I've heard of this issue several times where the car can crank and the immobilizer prevents ignition. I've heard it's from bad input/output wiring, fried ecu, and in your case a bad ground. It won't allow the ecu to "wake", so to speak.

Which of the following is an eoc function_
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15A fuse labeled "ECU." Once you pull these two fuses, wait about 10 minutes before re-installing them. Figure 2. Remove the Back-Up and ECU fuses. Step 3 – Re-install fuses and test. Re-install the ECU and backup fuses. Then, re-install the fuse box cover. Start the car to check if the check engine light illuminates.

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To see whether your car is supported by a Haltech Plug’n’Play ECU select your make and model from the “Search By Car” menu on our website. If you’re planning to do an engine swap, completely rewire your car or building a race car from ground up then head straight for the Universal ECU range.

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*2. ECU. Check the resistance to body ground. Disconnect connectors A and C, and measure the resistance. Check that the connectors are fully seated. Check for loose, corroded or broken wires. First, check the ECU ground circuit.

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EC-60™cab ECUs require a second ground input (X1-12) for the ABS indicator lamp. The X1 wire harness connector contains an ABS indicator lamp interlock (X1-15), which shorts the ABS indicator lamp circuit (X1-18) to ground if the connector is removed from the ECU. Bendix®WS-24™Wheel Speed Sensors

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Jun 10, 2010 · Engine Check lamp turns on Start engine and then drive for at least one minute, keeping road speed above 11 Km/h. ECU is now re-set. At this point the check engine light should start to flash the all clear signal (steady 1/2 second interval flashes).

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you cant use the stock 3g ecu or wiring harness with an h22. its just not possible. guess again there bub. if you want h22 motor, you need h22 complete wire harness and ecu. or some other obd1 ecu. so you would then check for trouble codes how you normally do with any other h22, stock or swap

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Voltage short term drops below 5 - 6 volts (for 12 volt) or 7 - 8 volts (for 24 volt). Heater locked. This fault may damage the ECU. Check +12 volt and earth (0 volts) from the battery for loose or corroded connections. Check fuse and fuseholder, check battery terminals, check battery cables for damage.

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Common Volkswagen ECU faults looking at the different models and possible ECU problems for them. For more information on ECU repairs, ABS testing and throttle body problems visit our site. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, by continuing to browse you agree to the use of cookies - find out more/change settings

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(a) First, check the ECU ground circuit. If it is faulty, repair it. If it is normal, the ECU could be faulty. Temporarily replace the ECU with a known good one and check if the problem symptoms occur. If the problem symptoms disappear, replace the original ECU. (1) Measure the resistance between the ECU ground terminal and body ground.

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470Kohm resistor between this wire and sensor ground (pin 30) on the ECCS harness. Note: Internal modification alternative: (a) Bottom side of ECU. Solder 470K ohm resistor between C860 ground pin and pictured knock sensor through hole which comes from Pin 23 (b) Cut the track from Pin 23 to the knock sensor track through hole on the top side of

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ECU has an emergency connection with the Greenville Water System for emergency water supply. ECU also provides wholesale drinking water to four water districts located in Pickens and Anderson Counties. ECU has a combination of ground level storage and elevated water storage totaling 15.5 million gallons.

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Oct 15, 2012 · To ensure a good grounding plane, connect a ground strap between the engine and the chassis. The digital ECU is designed to operate in either a small block or a big block mode.

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How to troubleshoot ecu controlled systems. Code Check in which a malfunction in the signal circuits to the ECU is stored in code in the ECU memory at the time of occurrence, to be output by the technician First check the ECU ground circuit.

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How to troubleshoot ecu controlled systems. Code Check in which a malfunction in the signal circuits to the ECU is stored in code in the ECU memory at the time of occurrence, to be output by the technician First check the ECU ground circuit.

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4 R/B W/G ECM Relay Ground (self-shutoff) SSOFF The ECU will provide this ground to the ECM Relay when the ignition switch is in START or ON (power sensed on pin 36). When the ignition switch is turned OFF, power will drop out on pin 36 and the ECU will place battery voltage to this relay to turn the ECM OFF. 5 Ignition Pulse

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when i did the diagnostic check the check engine light came on but didn't blink so thats a code 0 right. In my honda book it says code 0= bad ecu. People said i could have a loose wire/connector or a bad ground. I want to know where is the ground to my ecu located(color wire mostly black) and where is...

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Then connect the other wires from the harness to a 12v source. (I was told it doesnt matter which gets the 12v and which gets ground, but I just copied how that person had theres. I could check tommorow to see how I have mine, or im sure someone else will chime in). Repeat the process for the other solenoid, now using the yellow wire.

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Turns out the starting battery ground wire to the RV frame and some of the electrical connections to the engine needed a good cleaning. However, more damage was done and still trying to find the fix 276 and 277 won't clear. Poor ground connections caused the fuel injection valve soleniod to draw high amps and fail opened.

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This ensures that the Nology wires have an excellent chassis ground point and will also ensure that you get the maximum performance out of your Nology wires. For further information on installing your Nology wires, check out the MR2 WEB site and see my detailed instructions on the Nology spark plug wire installation.

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2007 Jeep Commander 5.7L PCM ECM ECU Engine Computer "LIFETIME WARRANTY" ... (check box to add item to cart) ... Resistance in ECM Ground Circuit AC_R004 - Restore ...

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An accurate repair history often can be very helpful. Second, check the computer system for codes. If you find that your scan tool will not communicate with the computer, check for a blown ECM/PCM fuse. Once you determine that all the fuses are okay, check for voltage on the 5V reference circuit.

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Nov 29, 2020 · First we will check to see if the actuator is getting power. Disconnect the connector from the sensor. Check the wiring at the base of the connector this is a popular place for the wiring to break. Look for broken or loose wiring insulation or damaged pins as well. Step 2: Check System Reference Voltage

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Separate the ECU and terminal again and do the same tests on the ground, power and reference (terminals connected) voltage as above. If the problem is serious, this is where it will show up. Final test to check Ford engine computer:

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To identify your ECU you will need to know its generation, part number and possibly its ROM number. The ECU can be located in several places: under a metal plate in the passenger's footwell (models up to 91), in the passenger's footwell behind a plastic panel (models 92-99) or by the driver's footwell under a plastic panel (some models 2000+) The computer is connected via three connectors that pull out when a plastic clip is pressed.

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Dec 17, 2020 · Sometimes a ground fault is due to one fastener being left loose after a service procedure has been performed. It is a fairly simple task to confirm the integrity of all ECU ground circuits in fairly short order. Two methods can be used to identify and isolate a ground fault; these are the circuit continuity check and the voltage drop check.

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Jun 22, 2005 · The way to measure the ground is to meauser the OHMs from the ECU end to the supposed ground end. Since it would NOT surprise me that there were multiple grounds in the harness, I would measure the groudn resistance by leaving allthe grounds connected and measuring the resitance from the ECU pin to the car batteyr neg terminal... - Sound HORNS to check HORN CIRCUIT BREAKER. - To check KEY WARNING SWITCH and LEFT FRONT DOOR SWITCH, connect wire from bulkhead connector (C103B, terminal FX) to ground and observe indicator light. - To check LEFT FRONT DOOR SWITCH, connect wire from FUSE BLOCK connector (C101, terminal M) to ground and observe indicator light.
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Mar 07, 2018 · You should check the CAN bus wiring between the ABS ECU and body computer with a multimeter on Ohms for continuity pin to pin, shorts between pins and shorts to ground. Robert G8RPI. aurick86 liked this post

Oct 04, 2010 · To check that just line up your timing marks by turning the crank pulley. Should be a white mark on the crank pulley and 2 on the cam gears. Line up the crank pulley with the arrow on the timing belt cover and your arrows on the cam gears should be straight up.